Bioshock Infinite Trainer Cheats successfully published a long wait trainer for Bioshock Infinite. This Bioshock Infinite Editor has 25 options that may come in handy for those who want to manipulate the game in their own way. Each option comes with Bioshock Infinite Hack is brief or detailed explanation on how to use and how it works, etc. as shown below.
Bioshock Infinite trainer allows experienced players to improve their times and the game player can not claim expertise, unless he / she has spent many hours playing the game. Bioshock Infinite real time only with this Bioshock Infinite Hack. Also, they are additional advantages, users are always better placed than other players in the game. Bioshock Infinite trainer is available absolutely free of cost by Usually, requests for training trainers games are sold at a premium in the market and are always in great demand. But here, Bioshock Infinite Cheat is absolutely free.
The idea of Bioshock Infinite trainer is to enable users to acquire sufficient experience at different levels of the game. Bioshock Infinite Editor is created and coded by experienced coders. The site specializes in the restoration of the gambling population and occupies a place renowned in the market. Download Bioshock Infinite Hack site and enjoy the game without using error, which helps to improve your gaming experience.
Features Bioshock Infinite Trainer / Cheat / Hack:
* Updated daily
* Work for all versions of the game
* Applicable to Steam / Retail, No-CD, Razor 1911, Skidrow, Multiplayer and online versions, etc … you name it!
* Easy to use. Just launch it and you’re ready to go.
* Do not crash the game like other trainers – you can run for hours without any error.
* 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Download and enjoy =)
* User Friendly. Each Hack / Tips trainer / comes with a simple user guide.
Rated *** 1 Bioshock Infinite Trainer / Cheat / Hack / Editor
The characteristics of Bioshock Trainer / Cheat / Hack infinity;
Trainer Options:
Insert – Enable trainer
Num 1 – Health Unlimited / Infinite – GODMODE CRAZY * HOT *
Numpad 2 – Unlimited / Infinity Shield * HOT *
Num 3 – Unlimited Ammo / Infinite * HOT *
Num 4 – Unlimited / Infinity Salt CRAZY * HOT *
Num 5 – Unlimited / Infinite Power * CRAZY HOT *
Num 6 – Mega Speed – Lite * CRAZY HOT *
Num 7 – Mega Speed – Boost * CRAZY HOT *
Num 8 – Mega Jump * CRAZY HOT *
Num 9 – unlimited money / Infinite CRAZY * HOT *
Num 0 – No charge * CRAZY HOT *
Num> – unlimited Skills / Infinite CRAZY * HOT *
Num F1 – One Hit KO * CRAZY HOT *
F2 – Invisible * INSANE HOT *
F3 – weak enemies CRAZY * HOT *
F4 – No Recoil * HOT * CRAZY
F5 – Enable flight CRAZY * HOT *
F6 – Zero fall damage INSANE * HOT *
F7-Cross building CRAZY * HOT *
F8 – slower Enemies * CRAZY HOT *
F9 – Unlimited / Infinite lockpicks CRAZY * HOT *
F10 – Unlimited / Infinity Silver Eagles CRAZY * HOT *
F11 – Super Accuracy * CRAZY HOT *
F12 – Unlimited / Infinite Mana * HOT * CRAZY
Page Up – Save position
Page Down – Teleport
End-Return to original position
Home – disable all
More features will be added soon.

Download Bioshock Infinite Trainer Cheats Here:


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