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War Commander is a 2D online game on the theme of war strategy, which is developed and published by Kixeye and can be played on the Facebook platform. By controlling the war, players assume the role of commander of a small military base, which is equipped with some offensive and defensive military buildings. Players need to strengthen their military base by creating more military units to defend their base against enemy attacks.
The game is free to play, but players also have an option to purchase virtual content playing with real money. There are thousands of War Commander Hacks and tips available online that claims to provide users with an unlimited amount of game currency and other resources. However, it is very dangerous to use such hacking programs because they suffer from limitations such as compatibility issues, low frequent crashes, weak protection against bans, etc. After studying the game for months our team created a multi-functional hack called War Hack v.2.3 Order, which is to date the most widely used hack on the Internet for the commander of the war.
Some important features of our war commander hack v.2.3:
War Commander Hack v.2.3 is compatible with all versions of Windows or Linux, and Mac operating systems.
War Commander cheats works fine on all the most popular web browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.
Power is the most important resource in the game as all the actions involved in the game consumes energy. Now, it is not necessary to wait for a power meter to regenerate as our trick allows you to instantly generate unlimited power points.
Oil and metals are important energy resources, which are needed to create military units. Once you download our Hack it is not necessary to work hard to collect these resources you can now instantly generate endless amounts of oil and metals.
Gold is the main currency of the game, which can be used to buy more military units, extensions, etc., while Facebook Credits are premium game currency, which can be used to instantly unlock buildings, buy special items, etc. At present there is no need to make or buy these currencies as our trick allows you to instantly generate an unlimited number of Facebook credits and gold.
If most of your time is consumed in the repair of damaged buildings then just use the functionality of instant repair our hack. Functionality Instant Repair allows you to repair all damaged buildings instantly and that too by simply pressing a button.
The anti-ban our war commander hack v.2.3 function never let your avatar banned.
It is not necessary to install the updates manually war commander hack it has a built in automatic updating, which automatically installs the updated files.
If you want to gain an advantage over other players in war commander then download our war commander hack v.2.3, visiting CHEATSBASIS.COM instantly!

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