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Farcry 3 Cheats Trainer Hack

New FarCry 3 cheats along the way, the game just came yesterday. Should You Buy Far Cry 3? The game is just amazing, if you have not picked up again now! This must be one of the best single-player and multiplayer games I’ve ever played its graphics wise, it’s really extraordinary. Do not take my word for it tho, check out the amazing photos and videos below. A deadly things they did was to multiplayer kill cam you use, if you can add to kill an enemy player allows you to scroll to see the killing, what weapon they use and it highlighted in the video below. If our Far Cry 3 will be released cheat, it is also a full aimbot, ESP player and much more. This will help you to win every single round of the game, unlock all your weapons, earn massive EXP and get all your plugins call more often on the run multiplayer maps. Be sure to check the knife-killer kills and run bombs in the video below, it’s amazing! Here are the features that we currently have in the works for the release of Far Cry 3 hack which soon fall into our forums is expected. Make sure likeus on Facebook for latest news cheatsbasis. Farcry 3 Cheats Trainer Hack Features: ESP * Smart Bounding Boxes, Enemy is red, Target is yellow * Name Tags, Show names of all friendlies and enemies * Health Tags show the health of all friendlies and enemies * Visual Tags, displays an icon or frame around enemies * Distance Tags indicate the distance to all players MiniMap * Reveals enemy positions on the minimap Miscellaneous * Trigger Bot, fires only when you move the crosshairs to the enemy * Two Tone Chams, shows the players in bright colors * Show FPS, show how many frames per second you’re running * Show Time, Display the current time in the game * Visual rocker made many ingame objects disappear * No post-production, removes smoke, fire, etc. config menu * Save up to 3 configurations and load at any time Aimbot * Auto Aim / Auto grows * Full 360 FOV Aimbot, can even see behind you * Bone Scan, Find a bone to hit when the player hides * Aim key, Select and use any aimkey you want to use * Choose from different hitboxes to target, head / neck / chest / waist * Choose enemies, friends, or everyone as target * Smooth Aim, makes you look like a normal player * Visibility Control, Aimbot only locks on when player can be hit * Knifebot auto kill the enemy when you get close * Automatic Pistol, hold down the fire and watch the automatic unloading * Purpose of the closest distance or nearest cross * Full no spread, the bullets hit dead center Full Ingame Menu * Access to Hack menu during the game and change the options of the fly

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