offers a one of a kind aimbot system for titanfall, our aimbot is one of the most deadly and advanced aimbot’s you can find. With advanced auto-tuning prediction and trajectory corrections, this bot makes quick work of your enemies.

Titanfall hack

Bone Aim
– The aimbot will auto point you on the selected enemy’s bone (Example: Head)

Visibility Checks
– The aimbot will aim only on visible players so you won’t shoot at players behind walls

Full No Recoil
– No Recoil eliminates all the recoil that is generated from the weapon

Customizable Aim Key
– Choose a key that when you press it the aimbot starts aiming

Selectable Aim Bone
– Select wich bone from the target you want the aimbot to aim at (Example Head/Neck/Chest)

Customizable Aim FOV
– Limit the aimbot’s field of view from 0°-360° (Degrees)

ESP is meant to do one and only thing, show you where the enemy is and only. While our competitors use complex esp that covers up your whole screen we like to keep it simple with crystal clear esp that is easy to see and make sense of.

Player Name
– Displays the name of every enemy on your screen

Player Distance
– Displays your distance from each player on your screen

Player Bounding Box
– Draws a bounding box around the player making him easier to spot

Player Healthbar
– Draws a healthbar on top of each player

Player Skeleton
– Draws the skeleton bones of each player

Customizable ESP Colors
– Personalize the hack and select your own esp colors

Stay on top of the game with our awesome visuals. Our enemy warning system will keep you on alert about any enemy moves on you while our chams feature makes enemies easier to spot anywhere in the map.

Player Chams
– Colorizes the body of each player allowing you to see them through walls and other objects

Customizable Crosshair
– Draws a fully customizable (Color and size) on the center of your screen

The CheatersInc 2D Radar option draws a movable and customizable 2-Dimentional radar allowing you to have full awareness of who is around you and where the enemy is located compared to your position on the map.

Optional Teams
– Configure the radar to display one or both teams (teammates and enemies)

Optional Window Display
– Turn on/off the radar’s frame

Optional Crosshair Display
– Turn on/off the radar’s crosshair

Optional Background Display
– Turn on/off the background of the radar

Configurable Radar Colors
– Personalize the hack, choose your own 2D Radar colors based on player teams

Misc includes a few extra options that are to help you with your gameplay and make your life easier especially with features like friend/enemy list that allows you to pick your friends and foes.

Display Clock
– Displays a 24-Hour clock on the top left of your screen

Display FPS
– Displays the Frames Per Second that your game is running at on the top left of your screen

Friend/Enemy Lists
– Choose your friends and foes! Highlight your friends and the aimbot will not aim at them, highlight your worst enemies and the aimbot will pick them first!

Save / Load Hack Settings
– Save and load your cheat configuration so you don’t have to re-configure it every time you start it up

100% User Friendly In-Game Clickable Menu
– While most of our competitors offer hard to use keyboard menus we offer a very user friendly ingame mouse controlled menu that anyone can make sense of with a first look

There’s nothing nastier than anti cheats. Our and the community’s worst enemy. So we prefer to stay on top of them with our advanced protecting methods, we can surely say that while no hack is totally undetectable and there’s always a risk of detection we stand strong against anti-cheats.

Full Anti-Cheat Protection
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